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More Ever After Icons

Small icon post. Enjoy. :)

[12] Ever After


Terms of Use

♥ DO CREDIT. This is greatly appreciated and mandatory. Please credit pour_rever.
♥ DO NOT alter my icons. Textless icons are not bases. I spend hours working on every icon set, so please don't modify them in any way.
♥ DO NOT claim the icons as yours.
♥ DO NOT hotlink. Please save and upload them onto a free image server like Photobucket or Imageshack.
♥ Please comment. They are LOVE. Even if you aren't taking anything, feel free to comment! I love feedback.

How to credit

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Tags: actors:anjelica huston, actors:dougray scott, actors:drew barrymore, actors:megan dodds, film:ever after, icons:all

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