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Pour Rêver

a dreamer's outlet

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Welcome to Pour Rêver, an icons community. Please feel free to save and upload the icons here to use for your LJ entries. For now, the community will be open to all. No need to join; if you want to keep up with updates, simply WATCH the comm. I am also a member of obsessiveicons, and will also post most of my icons there (with the exception of some challenge icons). To make sure that these icons remain unlocked, be sure to follow the following Terms of Use.

Terms of Use
♥ DO CREDIT. This is greatly appreciated and mandatory. Please credit pour_rever.
♥ DO NOT alter my icons. Textless icons are not bases. I spend hours working on every icon set, so please don't modify them in any way.
♥ DO NOT claim the icons as your own.
♥ DO NOT hotlink. Please save and upload them onto a free image server like Photobucket or Imageshack.
♥ Please comment. They are LOVE. Even if you aren't taking anything, feel free to comment! I love feedback.

How to Credit

If you see anyone using my icons without the proper credit, please let me (callispi) know asap.

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